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Covid-19 Protocols

Washington Square Minyan Current Policies and Plans (updated June 30, 2021, subject to change):

1) VACCINES: All adults must be fully vaccinated and symptom-free to attend ("fully vaccinated" means two weeks or more past completion of a COVID vaccine inoculation protocol, either a second dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or one dose of the J&J vaccine). If you have a medical concern regarding your vaccination status that may need special accommodation, kindly feel free to reach out via the contact us section of the website to discuss it.

2) MASKS: All attendees 2 and up will wear masks indoors.

3) CHILDREN: Unvaccinated, symptom-free children are welcome. Children may join their adult parents at davening if they can reliably stay with their parents. Children 2 and up must wear masks indoors. Snacks should be eaten outside of the davening space.

4) SOCIAL DISTANCING has dropped to requesting 4 feet between people of different households.

5) AIR EXCHANGE: The HVAC system has been set for maximal air exchanges. We will also have a HEPA filter in both adult and children's davening.  

6) CHILDREN'S PROGRAMMING: Barring inclement weather, babysitting (with fully vaccinated, symptom-free babysitters) will be from 9:15-10:30 on the playground at 384 Harvard. At 10:30 children will be brought into the building for a 30 minute Tefillat Yeladim (with masks for all children 2 and up). In case of inclement weather, all babysitting and tefillat yeladim will be held indoors. 

7) SINGING by the kahal? Yes please!

8) KIDDUSH: We are planning on outdoor kiddush! Masks may be removed outdoors while eating. 

9) SIGNUPS: Attendees, please sign up HERE in advance. Deadline for each Shabbat is Friday at noon. (We hope to eliminate signups soon.)


Thu, September 23 2021 17 Tishrei 5782